Industrial & Commercial Electrical Systems

Training for a complete understanding of your building's electrical system.

During the first day, a building floor plan is used to illustrate and explain how various building electrical components work and systems are designed. On the second day, students will size various power and lighting loads from each area of the mock plant for: panels, transformers, overcurrent protection, branch circuit, and feeder sizing of conduit and wire. The example building is a small production facility with offices, support services, production, and shipping and receiving departments.

Topics covered include:

  • Main services, distribution systems, and transformers
  • General NEC requirements for conduit, wire and overcurrent protection
  • Attenuation, voltage drop and basic transformer fault currents
  • Automatic transfer switch controls for emergency generators
  • Basic fire alarm systems
  • How three- and four-way switch circuits are wired
  • How an automatic generator knows when to start and stop
  • How a fire alarm system knows when the circuit is broken
  • Sizing motor and transformer overcurrent protection

Who should attend:

  • Engineers
  • Electrical contractors
  • Electricians
  • Inspectors
  • Building managers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Apprentices
  • Equipment operators

We can tailor this course for you in a one-, two- or three-day format.

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